Elements of Strategic Management

Before we make any plans, we need to analyze the strategic first. So, the may come out with excellent result. But, if we enter at any industries, we will face the other competitors as well. But, there are also have their advantages on that.

1) Access to natural resources, such as high grade ores or inexpensive power
2) Access to highly trained and skilled personnel human resources.

For the example:
1) Strong research and innovation
We can see with Samsung and Apple. There are very strong innovation on gadgets. Plus, there made by the countries that have a strong economics.

2) Brand popularity
Coca-Cola is the best example. It is because all over the world knows the Coca-Cola brand as a soft drinks.

3)Superior product/strong customer support
IKEA is a furniture store that is friendly made by customers. Means that they sell the products but the customers will decorate the products. They are also give the ideas how to decorate the products creatively.

4) Low pricing
As we can see, the nearest example is Air Asia. Really suitable with their tagline is 'Everyone Can Fly'. It shows that they are serving the best price to all customers.

5) Speed and time
For me, the best example on this, is Gdex. They make a very fast delivery. Then, friendly with customer and reasonable price. They ensure will send the delivery at home.

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