Mission AND Vision

It is Online Forum for the first tutorial class. Miss asked us to write what our mission and vision. Then, how to get them *strategics, techniques.

What I have wrote there:

Mission: I want to get my own salary immediately after graduate.
Vision: To success in my life and here-after.

The strategics ?
For me, I don't like to force myself. I just do whatever I want. If  we force ourselves, the outcome is to be stress. But, if any opportunities come, just grab. Don't ever be too choosy and easy to give up. Maybe the opportunities are not very good for now. But, it might be the best for the long term.

Besides, don't forget who is our Creator. Always be grateful with what we have and pray. Don't ever get facilitate about Him and Islam. If we don't have any principles of life, that will the worst forever.

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Jazakillahu Khairan Kathira ! Do Come Again ;)

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