Alhamdulillah. Safely arrived!

It suppose to has a tutorial class for this evening. But, it was cancelled! Yeah! The subject is Strategic and Operation Management. The class time is so strategic and the lecture is cancelled as well. Again, it is very strategic. Thank you, Miss :)

And now, me and my beloved housemate, Nadia are waiting for the train to go to Terminal at Seremban. But, suddenly we saw other classmates here. They are Latifah and Hasina. They are waiting for the train to go to KL Sentral.

Really excited to go back home! Even it is about counting days to finish my degree, the homesick is still remains sick in my mind.

And now, alhamdulillah. Safely arrived. Waiting for my dad and my younger to pick up me and go back home :)

So, say hi to Manchester!

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Jazakillahu Khairan Kathira ! Do Come Again ;)

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