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Porter's 5 Forces are:
1) Supplier
2) Buyers
3) New entrants
4) Rivalry
5) Substitute

Based on what I have understood are:
1) There are many suppliers in oil and gas industries which are imported and from our country as well. Such as Petronas, BH Petrol, Caltex, Shell and so on.
2) But, the buyers are highly increase because too many vehicles on the road nowadays will using oil and gas. The vehicles are not only to the personal belongings. But, it also comes from the public transport.
3) For the new entrances, for me, it is still good because we will using oil and gas in our daily life. Such as to cook, to go shopping mall and so on. That is why if the price of oil and gas increase, it may affect to all other parties as well.
4) For the rivalry, people may use the other industry. Such as using solar energy for their vehicles.
5) There are several types for substitutes in oil and gas industries. People may cycled to go to the class, use charcoal to cook and others.

If I have to make a decision either to enter or not the oil and gas industry, I choose to enter because the demand is always increase and the probability for the price increase is high.

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Jazakillahu Khairan Kathira ! Do Come Again ;)

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